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Frequently Asked Question's

Where are you LOCATED?

2112 State Rt 9, Lake George NY , 12845

Routes 9 South, Lake George, NY, across from Pirate's Cove Golf Course
I-87 (Northway) Exit 21, 1/4 mile north on Route 9 South.

What are your HOURS?

Our hours change with the seasons and adaptability.   Check our hours link to get the most recent schedule.

What CREDIT CARDS do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club.

Do you accept RESERVATIONS?

We do! but there is a catch... we accept reservations as small as 1 and up to 40 or more! We are very versatile. However, we only have room for so many reservations a night, so if we fill up our time slots, we have to stop accepting reservations for the rest of the night. So if you have a special event or a limited time frame, make sure to make your plans ahead of time so that you get in when you want to! otherwise we can't promise seating right away.

Are there rooms available for PRIVATE PARTIES?

Yes, we can accommodate private cocktail, luncheon, or dinner parties of 30 to 100 people, but until the pandemic is over we are restricted to party sizes.   We take pride in hosting your sports team, company event, family gathering, or any social special event

How many OTHER Barnsider Restaurants are there?

There is only one Barnsider Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant. We often get confused with the Barnsider Restaurant on Wolf Road in Albany, N.Y.  who we are not affiliated with.


Yes! Our front entrance has an easy access drop off area located on Route 9. When you go to park in the back parking lot the sidewalk winds around from the street to the parking lot, and where the side walk ends is where the handicapped parking is located. Our restrooms are also designed to accommodate wheelchairs.

Do you have a FULL SERVICE BAR?

Yes! it has a relaxing Adirondack-feel. The Bar design is a horse-shoe shape for easy conversation and good times.

What kind of ribs do you have?

We serve Baby Back & Saint Louis Ribs, all of which are pork ribs.

Are there GLUTEN FREE options on the menu?

Yes! Our BBQ sauce is originally GF! We have gluten free wraps and buns!

The sides that are GF are: cole slaw, potato salad, baked potato, corn on the cob, cottage cheese, vegetable of the day, apple sauce, mashed potato's, rice pilaf.

Our fryers are all used with gluten products so if you have a gluten allergy you wont be able to get anything fried. Just makes sure to tell your server of any dietary restrictions.

Are there DAIRY FREE options on the menu?

Yes! most of our food options are dairy free or can be made dairy free! Just make sure to tell your server of any dietary restrictions.

Are there VEGETARIAN options on the menu?

Yes! Most of the appetizers we offer are VEG. We have a veggie burger patty that can be a substitute for any of our burgers. We offer a selection of Salads that either come with or can be modified to not have meat. We also offer Power Bowls that can be made to just include veggies.

Our sides that are vegetarian: apple sauce, baked potato, cole slaw, corn on the cobb, cottage cheese, french fries, grean bean fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, mac and cheese, mac salad, potato salad, rice pilaf, vegetable of the day. Just makes sure to tell your server of any dietary restrictions.